Womb Cleanse for Spiritual Wholeness

The womb is where it all starts, we as women often have no idea of the stress that our womb endures. Not just the penis, fingers, objects and the stresses of life, but the torture from the cloths we wear that will not allow our uterus to breath and those that allow to much.

Our PH. balance is often knocked off balance leaving our womb to fight to get and keep it on track. What we eat and drink and the amount of penises, as well as the type of penis (the energy that enters us though the penis) can help to build us or break us down. Each intimate connection we make with a mans penis connects us via energy and that stays within our womb until expelled. This energy can affect your natural energy points. This energy if not the right energy for you can not only cause health issues but also hinder healing.

There are many reasons to do a womb cleanse. For us, all the reasons may be different. Some may have issues with estrogen , while some are open to vaginitis and several yeast infections a year. While these things are good reasons just to name a few. We have other things we must worry about as well.

All of our pain goes to womb area, the stress, the hurt on top of the many energies that we allow within our womb . Condoms does not protect against the energy of a man.

Imagine you only share your womb with your spouse but if he is not faithful then you have more than his energy to contend with. Not knowing the energy of that women nor the other men that she herself has shared her womb with leaves you open to spiritual attack. You will then began to understand the spiritual parasites that can be picked up. While this is a health challenge we also deal in spiritual cleansing as well as the physical. Helping us to heal with full mind, body and spirit. 

So ladies, Queens love yourselves to know whom your lying with. Don't just look at his appearance and smile. Parasite, and or entities attack our auras, and energies in several different ways.

Please look at Illustration in this section. Our womb cleanse can help to remove old stagnant blood and energies from within your womb. While you've forgotten about that guy from 5 years ago, please understand he is still there.We must support our womb, uterus.Cleanse it of the stagnant blood and increase the circulation so that it is able to consistently detoxify itself as it heal itself. If more of us paid more attention to our womb in love we would not be stricken with all of these female issue that we have within our womb. Please note nothing just happens. There is always cause and effect even when the answer isn't known.

Treat the colon right and your womb will love you for it. Many do not believe that dis-ease starts in the colon. When understanding that our colon puts out what we need while also feeding us the poison from the foods we eat. Its no wonder why when the colon is full of yeast often the womb is as well.

This is the reason why taking colon cleanse and womb cleanse together with plenty of water to wash away the waste, parasites,yeast and inflammation is so beneficial.

Created by ULHANDRA