Understanding Your Soul

Often with Toe Reading you can see disabilities are struggles your child may have and prepare them for it properly
Our feet are the window to the soul. They will tell you if your on you guided journey.
What if you could prepare them better for their future because of the insight given? Like transferring your own insecurities to them

 It is looked at as the 10 chapters within our life. Each toe tells us a story about ourselves. Some of the things we are very much aware of and some of them we are not. The who purpose is for us to have insight on what is going on within ourselves even when we feel we are perfect.

 Each toe has a purpose and each toe tell us a story upon reading them.

Come and learn to Toe Read, get the upper hand on so many things that are within your life. Know your children struglles as well as your own. No this isn't being psychic this is learning to understand the body.

One of the MANY miraculous stories to share took place on a sunny afternoon in a tiny town near Tokyo, Japan. First of all, the foundation of the Japanese culture is respect. In Japanese society eye contact is frowned upon, as is discussing feelings and expressing emotion. Sucking it up and dealing with pain is common for these beautiful people, as the expression of such things portray weakness. Since Toe Reading opens up the discussion of the soul and a person’s life path, releasing this way of life is vital. As KC read the toes of about 30 Japanese women and a few men, built up emotions poured out of these souls. The use of aromatherapy combined with Toe Reading was also especially fascinating. KC gave them permission to realize their value and worth here on this earth, and to realize their purpose and full potential. No longer were their souls bound; they could finally become what they were meant to be, and achieve their dreams through prayer and Spirit-guided action.
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Created by ULHANDRA