Sarcordosis can attack any organ within the body. Lungs were once thought to be the only organ

In 2015, Eugenia Colon’s story was featured in a New York Times series concerning dangers of working in nail salons. What was said and written was that a former salon owner, Colon spent years inhaling chemicals and powders while ignoring a persistent cough that grew progressively worse.

Chest scans showed abnormal nodules on Colon’s lungs as well as scar tissue, which led to a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis. While the exact cause of the disease is unknown, physicians can help guide their patients toward a quicker diagnosis and treatment.

In the U.S., about half of those newly diagnosed will have only one organ affected in the beginning, says Dr. Culver, with 2.5 organs per patient eventually affected on average

“Treatment is necessary,” says Dr. Culver, “because an important organ is under attack and its function can be hampered or permanently damaged.”

While prednisone, a potent anti-inflammatory steroid, is the standard treatment for sarcoidosis, Dr. Culver urges caution due to its long-term side effects such as cataracts, bone loss and weakening of the immune system.

“The disease usually runs its course over years, so most patients need to be treated for a long period of time,” he says. “This means a regimen needs to be determined with the long-term in mind.”

He suggests that doctors and patients discuss alternatives to steroids, or steroid-sparing regimens, which can include immunosuppressants such as methotrexate.

“You have to individualize treatment,” says Dr. Culver. “If they have a flare-up once or twice a year, then steroids might work. But that’s atypical.”By 

Here at ULHANDRA, alternative treatments are what we are about. While we are not giving medical Advice and we agree that you should always seek medical advice we here at ULHANDRA live and breath this disorder. We tame it via natural methods for each member that feel they are important enough to make a difference in there personal health.

 Living with an auto Immune disorder can and is depressing and our course of treatment is to always ascertain the cause of any disorder. We like to deal in preventative care and educate on making it a lifestyle. While doctors currently are unaware of what causes this dis-ease what we are aware of is that it loves stress and it is inflammation. Starve this disorder of them both and you can began to live again. Dis-ease cannot live in a body that is balanced, our goal at ULHANDRA is to focus on balancing not just the body but the mind and soul as well.

We are not a religious organization, we however, do focus on spiritual growth of each individual, self love, bonding with your higher power, and acceptance of self via self healing and knowing.

What is Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is such an illness that results from inflammation. A rather common condition, Sarcoidosis is an immune disease that causes abnormal inflammation of cells in the body. Sarcoidosis can affect the lungs, eyes, and other organs – including the heart and brain in the most severe cases. Dr. Culvert

Knowing this helps us to see how we attack this disorder. It is hard to treat a dis-ease when we  do not want to make the necessary life changes that are needed,and we prefer treatment in a pill. The cure is not in a pill, symptom relief maybe within a pill, but not a cure.Our bodies are crying and they are pleading to be loved and cared for. http://facebook/sarcoidosishealing@survivingforacure

While it was thought that Sarcoidosis wakes up in the body between the ages of 20-40 those that suffer with it at an earlier age know this is incorrect. Yet again for years many doctors would not listen to those that were suffering,this is spoken based on experience. My son first attack was at 7 years old, and when it started it was a spot in the top of his head and within two days his entire body was hard, swollen and it looked like a bad case of psoriasis. If you tried to peel it off his skin under it was full of pus and blood. My son seen a total of 16 doctors and they each were all standing around him in one room talking about how disturbing it looked. One doctor at a time came into the room each leaving going to get another doctor to come and see.They asked if they could take pictures and place them in a medical book once they learned of what this was.

When all was done they still had not answers,but they sent us to a dermatologist and he didn't know what it was either. He did explain that I had nothing to worry about because it wasn't contagious. My question to him then was why are my two children starting to suffer with the same symptoms.He was unable to answer this question and suggested they not share brushes. But if its not contagious why would it matter. But once I informed him that they didnt share the same brush he was at a complete loss.


Their primary course of treatment was prednisone orally and within a cream. It treated the symptoms and we were grateful. But this time he had missed a year of school because of this dis-ease. And within less then 2 months of this treatment he was having another flare up. We couldn't live this way, we couldn't allow this disorder to control his or our life.

I changed his diet to 80 % alkaline and 20 % acid. Making it fun and treating him with Aloe Vera which is a natural steroid, plus making sure to always feed my children's body with living food and making sure they are not deficient. Its been over 16 years and we are winning he's had no issues. 

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