Healing Love And Balance for Wholeness

(Please read while video is playing) Walk with me and imagine being outside and smelling the fresh air of the trees.You start your walk and you come across a forest;and in it you see the trees, they are very inviting because it feels safe and peaceful.Every breath that you take your noticing that you are gaining energy from the fresh air that nature has shared with you.You hear a roaring sound of rushing water and you go to approach it, while standing there marveling at its beauty.

You're seeing the life that is living within the water,some moving around while some are still.Everything that is blessed by the moving water rushing over it is being cleansed,as it shares a coolness with you from within the air.You feel it upon your face and you know all is okay.You can actually breathe now, because nature has shared a burst of its vitality with you.You lean down to allow the water to rush over your hands and you feel its coolness.You then begin to drink it vitality, Ahhhh its refreshing. Feeling a cleansing water flowing through your body which is only crunched by water alone. No coffee, soda, milk, Etc, can give such balance. That which you are feeling that makes you feel so safe, so secure, so loved, is the energy of the water,trees, Earth,and all that surrounds us. It is Spirits gift to us, it was gifted to us, but yet we wont use it intentionally.This same energy of love and vitality flows within our Vessel.

You come back here month after month, or year after year, or every few months to be Revitalized, to remember Spirits goodness.

But one day upon visiting, you notice that feeling of security from which you found Sanctuary is gone,because it has become polluted with life, it has been neglected. Litter and pollution has slowed the flow of water and the trees are dying.That beautiful river is now sick and it is no longer fit for drinking the water now it flows too slow to purify anything that lives within it.Our energy source is just as this river,some call it God,Source,goddess,the universe, Jesus,Jehovah,whatever title you give it,it is the source of this energy.

It's not the practitioner that gives the energy we are only the channel and the witness much like cable, WiFi ,or radio frequency it's always there but we can't see it, although often we can feel it.We're just a Channel or conduit,so now that we can understand that we are all energy and that it takes energy for our brain to function then you will understand how the energy is able to help us. 

 Responsibility Of The Charka's:

  • In using Reiki, and any other healing modality, you deal with the energy points called the Chakra. There are several, however, we have 6 main points. We have the Crown Chakra it is a Violet color and usually you get your aura from this area. Often in religious picture the aura or the crown of the energy is depicted as an halo. This area is responsible for the brain, nervous system and pineal glands.
  •  Next we have the third eye,its color is indigo, it is responsible for the pituitary glands, eyes, nose,ears and skeletal system.
  • The throat Chakra color is blue and it is responsible for the Thyroid, larynx,trachea,ears, nose,teeth and throat.
  • The heart Chakra color is green and it is responsible for the Circulatory system, Respiratory system, arms, hands, shoulders, ribs, breast,diaphragms, and the thymus.
  • The Solar Plexus  color is yellow and it is responsible for the nervous system, stomach, gall bladder,large intestine, liver, and the pancreas.
  • The Spleen color is orange and it is the responsible for the the Gonad gland, lymphatic system, circulatory system, kidneys adrenal glands,skin, and the female reproductive organs.
  • The Root Chakra color is red and it is responsible for the Adrenal Gland, Spine, bladder,blood, kidneys, male reproductive organs and feet.

When these charkra's are blocked or out of balance illness can occur

 There are certain dis-eases that can occur when the energy points becomes blocked or stagnant. Here are a list of dis-eases that can occur as we remain blocked and or stagnant

The Third Eye:  High Blood pressure, fainting spells,Dizziness, Headaches, Tiredness, Anxiety,Brain Tumor. When you have a issue in this area it can also affect your character such as unresolved emotional issues, self centered, stubborn,unable to cope and won't learn from experience etc..

Throat Chakra: Upper Digestive,too much talking, Mouth Ulcers,Pain in the upper arm,Sore throat, fear,Laryngitis,Whooping Cough.Character traits can manifest when imbalanced; A person that wont speak truth,no will power,introvert,hatred towards authority etc...

Heart Chakra: Asthma,Allergies, Respiratory problems,fatigue,heart disease,circulation problems,breast cancer,chest congestion. Character traits can manifest when imbalanced lack of self love,sadness, selfish love, hopelessness,difficulty giving and receiving,block happiness and joy etc..

Solar Plexus Chakra: Digestive problems, gall bladder,gall stones,heart burn, eating disorder, diabetes,stomach problems,Pancreatitis, Ulcer. Character traits can manifest when imbalanced Anxiety, aggressive, bitterness, blame others, careless towards self and others

Sacral Chakra: Fertility,Irritable bowel,kidney, fibroid, menstrual problems ,prostates cancer, ovarian cancer,creative blocks, backaches,Addition to junk food. Character trait can manifest when imbalanced lack of motivation,frustration, guilt, impatient, control freak,cant move on, anger toward partner,introvert,sexual overdrive.

Root Chakra: Depression, Eczema,Constipation,frequent urination, Hemorrhoids, Ankle problems, Anorexia, blood diseases, bones, cold feet, gambling, glaucoma,Weight problem,pain at the base of the spine,piles, kidney stones,knee problems. Character traits can manifest when imbalanced grief, fear of past/future, feel numb, cant get convinced, instability, nervous, old resentment, rage, unable to let go of old ideas, unbalanced life.

All of these things are beneficial however, in life, we are to use what we need and shred off  what no longer serves us. Like grief,or there being a need to be impatient or controlling.There may be a time when you need to be angry and or hold on to old ideas. However, it is important to know when to let go and often we continue to hold on to the past while thinking we've let go. 
Created by ULHANDRA