Happiness And Balance for Wholeness!

What imbalance do you need guidance with?When your specific and clear about your imbalances and or goals its easier to find a Life Coach.Sometimes, you're not sure what your goals are or what your imbalances are.You may need spiritual help, identity help,self-hate to self love guidance, career help,parenting,or you could want to learn what your calling is.It doesn't matter the path,a Life Coach can help.

2.What type of training or certification did my Life Coach receive?Each Life Coach here is trained,while there are no governing bodies overseeing the coaching industry in the United States, you will know which coach is right for you.People could often read books and claim to be a Life Coach, but I find that coaches often choose their path based on their own experience, trials and conquered journeys'.Im not sure about you, but if I were an addict, I would rather seek guidance from the one whose came ,saw, and Conquered their addiction.Then my textbook counselor who often has little to no life experience in my needed area.

3.What makes a Coach an expert or authority in this field?Helping to guide individuals through the three phases of balancing mind,body,and spirit to get and keep them on track doesn't require an expert.It requires love,passion,desire, etc...we find the titles or not so necessary,it keeps us humble.One example is I'm a Certified experience Reiki master,high priestess,and Minister yet I say I'm just a teacher.

4. Are you open to change? 

A qualified Life Coach isn't there to be your friend, this is often what were told to say. True friends stay honest even when it hurts. However,to be true and honest friends you must set boundaries and respect them.We Care like an honest friend although we wouldn't have an out of the office relationship.We are here to help you balance yourself, that you may find and accomplish your goals,regardless of what they are.But you have to be willing to put in the work! 

5. Are you really in need of a mental health professional?Life Coaching is never a substitute for any medical treatment of any kind.We encourage you to always seek out medical attention.Life Coaching alone doesn't work in favor of mental imbalances.

6.Why would a professional such as a doctor lawyer Etc ...train to be a Life Coach?Life Coaching is a skill that is an assistant to any professional that requires working with people. Often our society has lost its care and compassion with its ability to see the person, especially when it comes to their personal task and customer care and Wellness, Life Coaching helps you to see the person and not the job. 

7 How do I know if my Life Coaching sessions are working?We have you to set clear goals that are balanced with your intentions.You must be willing to put in the work in the time frames that are set.This often takes more than a few sessions,but as each imbalance become balanced,and each goal is achieved,you will know if you have the right Life Coach .

There are different levels for every one in life. Some people start out knowing who they are while you have some that are in their 40's and still have no idea. While this happens it is important to know that your never to old to learn who you are. 

Learning who you are is vital, especially when you have no children or small children, this helps them to learn themselves though you. The most important thing we can teach our children is never be afraid to be themselves and love themselves first.
 Self awareness is something we should learn at an early age. We should learn it via our parents but often it is lacking, so it is then up to us to do this within our adult life. With this comes self love and learning to love all of ourselves and not what the world say we should look like or be. Understanding self, as life moves and as we grow into our own magical transformation and not someone else transformation. 
Often we don't learn this within our child hood and are forced to get it in our adult life. With this 6 week health challenge this is also a goal that is necessary to work on. This will continue with you pass the 6 weeks. Should you need more help pass this time Universal Love is here for you. To do this Keep a daily journal, when you find you wish to eat outside of the goal you've set, write down what happened and how you are feeling. This helps for you to learn your relationship with food as well to all reactions within your life. Look at your busy schedule write that down, write down what knocked you off schedule and how you felt about it. This will help you in the future.
Created by ULHANDRA