ULHANDRA (Universal Love Health And Reiki Association)

ULHANDRA is an organization with many handles attached which includes our Wellness Center as well as our school for Mystics. Our calling is to help the world one person at a time learn to love themselves as they find a balance though full body wellness. We believe in body, mind, and Spirit healing. We are currently renovating our facility so that we have a location for more than just online courses. We will also eventually start to excepting patients(clients) at our facility. Our facility isn't a hospital it's more like a spa for wellness. Until we are complete we will still continue to visit our clients for wellness within their homes. ULHANDRA also will continue to write and assist patient(clients) with health programs.

To students, you must complete the entire course and pass in order to become certified or a teacher in either Reiki or Herbalism. Should you have to repeat the course again for  any reason you will receive a 25% discount when you repeat course; This is offered because there are no refunds. 
Upon graduating you can become a member of Universal Love Health and Reiki Association(ULHANDRA). Everyone will be able to see that you are a member of ULHANDRA. Our memberships offer several good deals while also making available to you the necessary material such as books, brochures etc... for teaching your classes. 
Please go to our Herbalism and Reiki area to register for our classes. 'Ase'
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