Combining Several Healing Modalities

We often say that things are better in the healthcare industry because we are living longer. Of course we are,with all the needed and wonderful life saving devices and surgeries that are available to us today,why wouldn't we? But we do have to consider with all the wonderful things concerning modern medicine,we still have to deal with the ugly.We have to consider the invasive and sometimes unnecessary procedures that a large amount of people not just our elderly are enduring. 

The multiple buckets of medications many of us are on are lowering our vibrations hindering proper healing, and before we know it we have our own personal pharmacy to contend with. We have the many tests, doctor visits, co-pays and needed  payment arrangements that take up so much of our time and our finances, only to be left over medicated. Often more medications that are really treating the side effects of our current medications.With all this are we really healthier just because we're still breathing? But is breathing necessarily living? That would of course depend upon what it is that one is considering as living.When we have our elderly living in nursing homes unable to care for themselves;this isn't living.When we have our 16 and 22 year old children having heart attacks and 10 year old children with diabetes, this isn't living. They are only existing and that is miserable within itself.Often when it comes to illness we say to ourselves two things,one is we have to die from something or its hereditary so there is nothing to be done.

Our people are not just surviving we are suffering from diseases of the Mind, Body,and Soul. Having a disease under control without medication allows us to live a healthy life without just surviving. Loving(taking care of you) determines how badly you suffer before your body dies.

How can we claim to be the strongest country in the world when we are the sickest country in the world with no excuse for it. When we understand that disease is a business much like war is a fund fundraiser then we will understand that we set ourselves up for failure when we don't take care of our temples(body).

Using Life and or Spiritual Coaches can help to balance the Mind and strengthen you. Reiki can clear your energy points, to allow clarity and began the healing of your spiritual and physical vessel. Holistic living allows the body to live,because we are what we eat. Feed your temple with love and living food. Holistic healing deals in the healing with herbs and full body and mind healing. Learning, accepting and living prevention. Harming non means to not harm yourself.When combining different healing modalities just to name a few, the healing and balance can then began. Just get started its a challenge but is isn't impossible aren't you and your family worth it?

Although we are Nutritionist, Holistic Practitioners, Herbalist and much more we are not however, doctors. We write personalized programs for each and every client for the dis-order at hand. We always still recommend that you seek the active of a doctor. If you would like a program wrote for you, a one on one free consultation is required. Please be prepared to answer medical information. All information is and will remain confidential. Payment is required before programs are written

Created by ULHANDRA