Universal Love Herbalism Course

Certificate to Herbal Medicine

A certificate program in herbal medicine provides you with instruction on the developmental technique and uses of herbs .This program is to educate you on the benefits of herbs and how to use them.  
In the United States there are no governing bodies in herbalism like there are with doctors. Your right to practice falls under your first amendment within the constitution. However, it is good to still practice and study under an organization of experienced Herbalist practitioners. Upon completion of this course you can become a member of Universal Love Health and Reiki Association. This allows others to see that you have a certification in Herbalism. This also allows you to be able to continue your learning and teach others with material though Universal Love Health and Reiki Association. Please visit our membership page for more information:
This course curriculum consist of:
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Biochemical
  • Medical Terminology
  • Nutrition
  • Botany and Plant Identification
  • Therapeutic Herbalism
  • Herbs and First Aid
  • Medical Pharmacy
  • Clinical Skills
  • Career Preparation

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