There are different types of Hepatitis However, they all affect the liver. When our body is in optimum health it can help to rid the body of these disorders when we come into contact with them. Hepatitis A,causes inflammation in the liver but often the body rids itself of it, building antibodies for us. However,it is still contagious and it causes liver inflammation.You can get Hepatitis A from sharing soaps which is scary when it comes to sharing soaps between children in the school and the daycare system.This is the reason for the liquid soap however, often businesses, school etc.., when they run out they use the bar soap which can puts our children at risk. Our loved ones also come into contact with several people with their sensitive immune systems. Improper preparation of food without gloves of an infected person,and  individuals traveling on buses and planes all puts us all at risk. So lets raise these immune systems.

Hepatitis B, is a disease that can be spread via sexually transmission and or sharing of needles just to name a couple.However,once again many come into contact and their body naturally build immunity to it. Then there are many that live with this disorder for the rest of their life, often passing it to others not knowing that they have it.

Hepatitis C is a disease that is also spread by sexually transmission, needles and blood transfusion just to name a few. We are told now that there is a medical cure for Hepatitis C, however, many insurance companies will not cover it. Then there are those that says the treatment is like being on chemotherapy it can be harsh.
Mother Nature has given us all that we need to isolate this virus, keep it from replicating and kill it. Eating healthy is also a must. Processed food kills the liver, Please allow Universal Love to help by writing your program for you, and guiding you with the process of healing your body to wholeness.
Created by ULHANDRA