Diabeties And How To regulate It without Drugs

When it comes to any type of diabetes proper eating is the first thing we must embrace. Healing the pancreas is the next step. Most individuals that have diabetes they either have it in their family and or their diets are unhealthy. When our young children began to get this dis-ease and it becomes as something that is considered normal it is a bad day and time.
When we allow ourselves to receive this dis-order and keep it the first thing that is usually tried  first is control it with medication and diet has become a educated factor with doctors as well. Often we then began introducing not just the insulin within our body but the poison from all the diet and fake foods we ingest. 
Understand that counting calories is not necessary when eating fresh foods. Understanding that fresh foods heals the pancreas, kidneys and liver and the heart. So what is the problem, when we can see that we have a way out of the medicated to death cycle.
 I would never talk directly against medication it has saved many lives. I am speaking against the treatment to the temple that we were born into. I am speaking of our physical bodies and understanding that it is hard to be a spiritually enlightened person full of waste. Lets get these colons cleaned and keep them that way. Lets eat correctly as best we can, all we can do is our best and spirit will take over from there. Laziness is not acceptable
Created by ULHANDRA