Cellulite is made up of free-floating fat cells that like's to hang out beneath the skin. The connective tissue that hold the skin and muscle together develops a thick layer of this fat between them. As the fat accumulates and expand in size it pushes up against the skin and that is what give it that lumpy look that we all do not like to see.

We are all to familiar with all the reason that we are given for cellulite but most common that we hear is obesity and hormonal imbalance,oh lets not forget age. While these things are true non the less each of these are a result of toxins running within our body, with the exception of age of course. But even toxin removal helps to do that gracefully.
There are so many things that can be done to get rid of cellulite but they all only require loving ourselves more,and putting time and effort into ourselves. Eating clean is number one there is no way to get around that. Feed the body what it needs and it will be good to you. So the first thing to do is the detox the vessel, and focus on hydration( no tap water). So many of us hate to drink water. Stay away from all these artificial waters. If you must have flavor, put fresh organic lemon juice or cucumbers in your water. Both work beautifully with your P.H. balance, detoxifies and will help keep you hydrated. But water is essential to washing away toxins nothing else will do it, no soda, cool-aid or artificial drinks, leave them alone. Water helps with that glow that some of us wear make-up to have.
Apple Cider Vinegar Raw with the mother in it and no other way, except by capsules are another wonderful essential. This amazing addition helps to remove excess water from the body. But it also, corrects the P.H balance within the body and create and maintain good bacteria in the colon. It is so good for so many things this is only the begining.
 Key note here is to stay away from any salt that isn't sea salt or pink Himalayan salt.While apple cider vinegar remove excess fluid it would be like beating yourself with a hammer and not allowing your body to heal because you didn't remove the poison of regular salt. Balancing your hormones is good you can use bee pollen for this and Boron they are both great. Green tea helps to burn fat and build the immune system.
One of my favorite things is to take and do dry brushing, I remove my cloths and start at my feet brushing up toward my heart, This helps with circulation,and relaxing surface nerves while removing toxins. Once Im done and feeling good,I then take a warm shower to wash away the toxins and pat myself dry,my moisturizer of choose is 100% non-processed Shea butter.

 This is just information to get you started, come and join the Universal Love family,allow us to write a program for you and guide you to your goals.
Created by ULHANDRA